Username only auto-fill? [SOLVED]


Maybe it is already covered but I couldn’t find the topic.

If I add a vault entry only for username, bitwarden Firefox extension is not able to auto-fill it.
As soon as I add a fake password (like just one character) auto-fill works.

Is that behavior on purpose or can I change this somehow?
How can I use bitwarden to only fill in username via auto-fill?

Thank you.

This seems odd. Are you able to provide an example URL?


For this website, you can autofill without a password if you define a linked custom field, which should have the name loginfmt and be linked to your username. Let me know if you need instructions.

Thank you :bowing_woman:, works like a charm and I get it how I have to fix other websites.

I am still puzzled and curious why it worked with a password set?!
But I am pretty sure there is a good reason :wink: