Username input problem

I’m having a minor issue using the Bitwarden extension in Google Chrome for Windows.
I handle many of my elderly mother’s accounts and maintain separate vaults for our passwords. Changing vaults requires logging out of one account and then typing in the other user name and password. Every time, as soon as I type the third character of the user name, the extension box disappears. When I re-open the extension, I can type the complete username and password without a problem. Am I using the extension incorrectly or is there a bug in the program?

This seems to be a new bug. I can reproduce it (in the 2022.10 version Chrome browser extension for Windows).

In addition, after logging out, if I close the login screen and re-launch the extension, the extension closes itself after a short time delay (before I start typing any letters).

Good to know I have company with this annoyance. I’m seeing that the extension is version 22.10.1. I don’t recall that the “.1” was on the end yesterday.

I though maybe the problem had been fixed but it’s not. It seems to be happening only on the first attempt to enter a different user after logging off. And it does close on it’s own. It will close after typing two characters, or none, or five, depending on my typing speed.

Not sure if this is related, but I noticed that when first logging in, the browser extension opens to the Vault tab instead of the default tab (Tab), and the Bitwarden badge in the browser address bar does not show the counter that indicates a matching entry exists. If I close the extension and re-open it, it does go open to the default Tab, but the badge counter is still missing.

Hey @lkraus account switching is currently available on desktop + mobile, and coming to browser extension in a future release, so for now, it will probably be easier to use browser profiles, or two separate browsers so that you don’t have to log out and back in.

Good work-around, but doesn’t change the fact that there is a new bug or two in the extension. Not sure if these have been reported on Github yet.

Bug reports can be added here directly Issues · bitwarden/clients · GitHub if an issue hasn’t already been opened.