User Type for Billing staff

For Bitwarden Enterprise, is there a way to provide a user with Billing/Subscription permissions without making them an Owner?

User Types and Access Control | Bitwarden Help & Support

We have procurement/finance staff that need access to invoices, receipts, and # of seat adjustment capabilities but we don’t want them to have full access to the entire organization vault of credentials. Is there a specific User Type (what I would commonly think of as a permissions role) that would grant these users the correct set of permissions?

Also for Business accounts this would be a good feature.
A seperate type for billing admin without having to make him owner just makes sense.
It’s also a issue at my company…

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This feature is very important for our enterprise environment, where the owner of the org is a security admin without immediate access to billing, controlled by the Finance department. Given the sensitivity of the data in Bitwarden, a random financial controller can not be allowed to use the Owner privilege.

Hey @seanchristians and welcome to the community,

Very good point here, I definitely understand the need for better granular control for billing access especially in the case you and others here presented.

Nothing official yet and I am just speculating here, but with the latest web-vault release v2022.11.0 now provides a dedicated Billing section for an Organization.

Given that there is currently a custom role for Access reports, this new dedicated Billing section may be the first precursor to adding an additional custom role which will allow for only access to the new billing section and complete this request.
Let’s hope there is more to come soon :crossed_fingers: :smiley:

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Bumping this back up.

Many teams may have a finance department, or even use an external provider to help manage billing.
Giving owner access just to see or update billing info doesn’t make sense, as so much other harm could be done, especially if finance teams aren’t as tech savvy…

New to Bitwarden Enterprise and just discovering this glaring flaw in role management. I can’t believe this is still a concern over a year since it was brought up. Adding this comment to bump up the request.

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Also here to bump it up again. It should really be a feature for Companies. We don’t want to give the Billing staff full rights.

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Agreed. A Member Role to be able that only grants permission to modify anything on the billing tab would be helpful to keep from having to grant bill-payers too much overall privilege.

Edit: Providing a “Manage Billing" option under the Members > "Invite Member” > Role (tab) > Custom > “Admin Permission” options to allow the ability to view/modify anything on the Billing tab would suffice here as well.

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+1 for this feature. We also need it for our company.

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+100, we absolutely need this. This is unbelievable that it’s not already available.

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