User Research Study: Let’s talk about Notifications!

Your feedback is valuable! In an effort to improve Bitwarden products, we’re looking for individual users with Personal or Business Bitwarden accounts who may be interested in providing feedback on concepts we are considering related to Notifications. If you qualify, you will receive a $20 Amazon gift card for participating.

What does the study entail?

The study is an interview format, where you will be asked to answer a series of questions about your experience with digital products and notifications.

How long does it take?

Interview sessions for the study last from 30min-1hr.

When and where?

The study will be held between September 16th and 30th. You will be asked to participate remotely by Google Meet. This is a remote study that will be performed online, and you may participate using your home or work computer.

Interested in participating?

Please fill out this short screener survey if you would like to participate, and we will reach out to you for scheduling if you qualify for the study.

Edit: This research study has concluded. Thank you for your time and interest in supporting Bitwarden.