User Remove Notification

We are an ISO27001 certified company and we need evidence when a user is removed upon leaving.

We need some kind of log or at least just a confirmation email that the user was removed.



Hello @r_i_c_a_r_d_o - welcome to the Bitwarden community.

This feature is already available for Teams and Enterprise organizations within the Event Log service.

Organization events logging records when a user has been removed:

Does this suit your needs? If not, can you please revise your request to be more specific about what is lacking and what you would like to see in a future version of Bitwarden? Thanks.

Hi David,

The event logs apparently is what I need but I can’t find the option within my organisation > Manage. I only have available “People” and “Collections”. What am I missing?

Thank you in advance.


Strange. Are you the owner of a Teams or Enterprise organization to which you hold a valid paid subscription?

Yes I’m the owner…

Hi @r_i_c_a_r_d_o

Just a curious question, is this on the Bitwarden cloud or on a self-hosted install by chance?

By omission, does that mean you do not have a paid subscription to a Teams or Enterprise organization? If that’s the case, then you will not be able to access the event log feature.

it’s the cloud solution

We have a paid Teams subscription


Teams (Annually)

Hey @r_i_c_a_r_d_o are you ingesting event logs for use with any other external tools?

Removed user user-identifier. (1503)

Hi, I’m just trying to find a way to have evidence of users deletion for ISO27001 audit purposes. I realize there’s an option to access this information but for some reason I don’t have this option available.

If you have a Teams or Enterprise plan, you can access reporting from the Web Vault or the CLI, and you can review the full list of available event types here Event Logs | Bitwarden Help Center which includes removed or revoked users.

That’s the issue, we have a “Teams” subscription, I’m on the Web Vault, and I don’t have the option available. What am I missing here?

Hmm, could be because it is an older plan type, shoot a message to the team at Get in Touch | Bitwarden and they should be able to help you out.

Thanks for the screenshot, looks like you are on an older 2019 license for your account.

You may need to contact the Bitwarden Team to transition to a newer license to enable event logs.
More can be found

Thank you all for your help!

Have a great week!

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