User registration works from some but not others?

I’m having a bit of an issue that I can’t see to find an answer to or figure out what’s causing it.

I host Bitwarden version 2023.1.0 in it’s own VM with Docker. I use the Enterprise organization feature to invite clients in so that we can easily share passwords with them and manage them in a clean and organized way.

For example: I am able to invite the clients with the following domains just fine, [email protected] or [email protected]

However, I get an “unhandled server error has occurred” message when trying to invite some other clients. Two of which I am trying to invite are rather long email addresses, is there a character limitation for email address in bitwarden? It gives the same error when trying to create a new account with the same addresses.

Has anyone else run into an issue like this before?

Hello @csmTech and welcome to the community,

Just a quick test, I was about to successfully create an account with an email address with an upper bound of 64 characters preceding the @domain.tld

So presuming your users are not using an email longer than 64 characters then it may be another issue.
I cannot imagine they would be this long, but can you confirm this is not the case?

I was able to test with different email addresses using the same domain and still was getting the error. I am ruling length out of the question now.

This is a very odd issues with a rather vague error message

Would in your example and within your internal tenant Organization? I am wondering if possibly there is an issue with the account/method Bitwarden is sending invite emails via SMTP.
Are you able to send with the same SMTP server Bitwarden is using to the problem email domain?

I am using an internal SMTP server. From my tests so far, Bitwarden and the SMTP server will successfully deliver invite and confirmation emails to,, and a couple other domain connected to Microsoft 365.

I haven’t tested sending an email directly from that server.

Update. I have figured out the issue and it was not related to Bitwarden. It was in fact SMTP but only because the the specific domain were within the same system (Plesk, I use it for web hosting, apparently the “mail” feature was enabled for those)

Not in the traditional sense of same “internal tenant” but it got me thinking. Thanks for the help!

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