User created account thru invite link, verified email, but still says 'invited'

I sent an invitation to one of my organization’s users today. He clicked the join link and set up an account in Bitwarden, including the verify email link. He went through the process of exporting his Lastpass and importing the results to Bitwarden. He logged into the plugin as well as the web page.

The organization’s Members page still shows him as Invited, not ‘needs confirmation’, and I don’t remember seeing him get any pop-ups about confirmation either.

How do I get him properly confirmed?

Had another user with the same problem. Caught sight of an error message on their screen, though.

I was unable to get a screenshot, because the user moved too quickly and cleared the message first, but I just had a user create her account through the invite link. The user got an error saying “Unable to accept the invitation. The model state is invalid.”

She now has a bitwarden account, but shows up as Invited despite clicking the ‘verify email’ link at her login. She was invited on the same day as the original user. I believe both of them may have used expired login invitations.

I still need to get them added to the organization. I would like some advice on how to fix this. I am waiting on a Bitwarden representative, because I have an email chain going with one, but if someone here sees this error and can fill me in on what to do I would be grateful.

Hi @jmm25 - this sounds like a great issue our Support Team can solve for you! Please feel free to share the resolution here!

As soon as I hear back I’ll let you know. There doesn’t seem to be a reply yet.

Does your organization use SSO?

I’ve seen similar behavior when inviting users if they create an account manually and try to log in with their master password when accepting the invite, because the initial invitation email is generic.

Many users see an invite to a new service and just assume they need to create an account, but with user provisioning and SSO enforced this just creates extra confusion.

I’d make sure the user is signing in correctly if SSO is enforced for your org.

No, we don’t use SSO. I think in this case the issue may have been that these are people I have been inviting to the organization repeatedly for the better part of three weeks now, and despite the fact that I sent them a new invite recently, they’re doing a search in their inboxes and clicking on one of the expired ‘join now!’ links. Which takes them to the Bitwarden site but they don’t get to join the organization because the invite is expired.

I just want to get their accounts into the organization fold now.