Use Bitwarden Authenticator? Share your thoughts!

What does the study entail?

We are looking for community members who can share how they are currently using Bitwarden Authenticator as well as other TOTP methods and provide their feedback around the feature. The survey is done remotely and should take no longer than 10 minutes.

Interested in participating?

Please fill out this survey. Your thoughts and feedback allow Bitwarden to design delightful, user-driven products. We appreciate your time!

EDIT: This research study is now complete. Thank you to all who were interested in participating. Your feedback is invaluable!


todo parece muy bien, pero todavia ni lo he usado

It works great. I just copied the otpauth “link” from 1password i used to have and copied on the right field on the bitwarden app. I only had to close and reopen the bitwarden for the generation of the codes to take place…

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