USBank Mobile App

Running on Android phone or tablet. I have two bank apps installed, Wells Fargo and US Bank.
With the Wells app the username and password fields are autofilled correctly when I launch the app.
If I use the USBank app there is no autofill. What do I need to do to make this work? The bitwarden vault login for Wells has this uri

Hi @makitso have you tried to check the steps at Using URIs | Bitwarden Help Center

These instructions for Android should work for you, in your case you’ll want to add the URI for com.usbank.mobilebanking or androidapp://com.usbank.mobilebanking if you want to have the :arrow_upper_right: Launch function available.

I have tried the instructions from help guide, the uri from the play store, etc and nothing works. I can use the launch and it does launch the app but no auto fill.

I am having the same issue.

@MOlson Welcome to the forum!

@Molson & @makitso What setting are you using for URI match detection for the androidapp:// URI, and for the global default UIR match detection method (in Settings > Autofill)?

I use a URI of androidapp://com.usbank.mobilebanking
UIR match detection method has Auto-fill and Use inline autofill set to Yes.
Asnoted above, the Wells Fargo Android app autofills correctly.

By “URI Match Detection” option, I mean options such as Default, Base Domain, Host, Starts With, Exact, Never, and Regexp.

I have tried Default, Base Domain, and Starts With, no change in behavior.

The reason I ask is I suspect this could be related to an Android autofill issue taht has recently been reported: