Usability Items - New from LastPast, C2, Google

I recently converted from Lastpass, C2, and Google. I have observed a few things while trying to convert and use Bitwarden which I don’t know if there are features or functions that will help or if these would be feature requests.

  1. When using the browser app sometimes I need to update or delete a stored password. While I am on the site I see that highlighted password, but I can’t edit it from that menu. I have to go to vault see all and then search on it to edit it. This is a huge waste of time especially converting because BitWarden is only firing up for a website auto store password about 60% of the time. Is there a way I can just edit right from the highlighted password that is present on the associated site? I can do this with Lastpass and C2 including both edit and delete. At least with Google I can quick delete though the editing requires a whole other screen and lookup similar to Bitwarden

  2. I have Google, Lastpass running to autofill so I can have Bitwarden automatically detect the website and store the login and password that they autofill. Of course once it does, I go in and change the pasword for that website and don’t store the update on Google and Lastpass and quickly delete it from those two. I would just download an export file from Lastpass and upload it, but I have hundreds of unnecssary and already changed passwords. The problem is that Bitwarden only picks up the site to be saved 40-60% of the time. I often have to manually click on add login and manually update the information. Sometimes I have to go back and forth to get the passwords and Bitwarden closes so I end up not getting a good add. To work around that I just add it with either the userid or password then go back to edit it. But of course as I said in #1 issue, I now can’t use the highlighted saved password and have to go to show all vaults and do a search and edit it from that screen…you can see why this has not been a pleasant conversion. I know Google and C2 pickup 90-100% when I have them running and they want to save automatically way more often. I guess that is a bit of a complaint.

  3. Similar to first time login saves, generated passwords updated at a website requires a manual click and copy/paste. Then Bitwarden does not very often auto save that update and I have to go in and manually update the password from the copy/paste myself again. Of course that meas I have to go to the all vault screen looking up the saved site and manually edit it. Again in this regard Google, C2 and Lastpass update passwords 95-100% of the time vs 40-60% for Bitwarden.

I will try to give you some pointers:

  1. Not sure what you mean by “highlighted password”. If you open the browser extension (by clicking on the Bitwarden icon, typically in the upper right corner of your browser), you should see the vault item for the current website shown at the top of the browser extension window. You would then click the “View” icon for that item (icon looks like a card with 3 lines), and then click the “Edit” button in the upper right corner. So, a total of 3 clicks to get to the edit screen — I wouldn’t consider that a “huge waste of time”.

  2. Having Google and Lastpass (and C2?) autofill enabled while you’re trying to use Bitwarden is a recipe for trouble. Other password managers interfere with Bitwarden’s ability to function properly, so this may be a big reason why you are having such trouble. Uninstall Lastpass and disable Google’s password manager. Disable and remove C2, too, if that is still installed. I don’t fully understand your reasoning for keeping these, but if you import everything into Bitwarden, you can sequester the imported items into a separate folder called “temporary” (or if you want to get sophisticated, set up a separate vault with the imported items). Then you can gradually go through the imported data and move them out of the “temporary” folder as you update the login credentials.

  3. The best way to update a password for an existing account (that is already saved in Bitwarden) is the process I have described in this recent comment (from another thread), which does not even use Bitwarden’s Ask to update existing login feature. Alternatively, you may find that Bitwarden’s Ask to update function works a lot more reliably after you have disabled Google’s password manager, LAstpass, and C2.

@MaddGDad Sorry to hear the conversion is painful.

If there is any way you can export from Chrome, C2, and LastPass, and Import to Bitwarden (or even two of the three), maybe using the idea grb pointed out, that’ll speed things up and cause less headache with Bitwarden not recognizing the site’s credentials. It’ll also allow you to disable/uninstall the other password managers and better see how Bitwarden works without those potential conflicts.

Alternatively, you could install Bitwarden to a different browser without those password managers and reset passwords there and see if it better recognizes the new logins.

That was very helpful, for some reason I did not see that icon. It is not too difficult, but it is a couple of more clicks. I would say it is satisfactory. Thanks!!!

I don’t want to combine all the other password into BitWarden because 90% is junk. I also want to know what I have reviewed and updated passwords. So I go through one at a time and update them in BitWarden, but delete them in the other app.

You might be right. Once I eliminate the other active password managers it might work more consistently, but it still does not offer to store passwords or update them consistently. It might only be 50% as of now. I will update this thread after I shut everything else down and only use BitWarden. I find myself clicking on add password and save with nothing in it because it did not capture it. Then I go back and click on the same website fill-in the login and then it does update with the login information about 80% of the time.

Thanks again for your patience and help.

Thanks, I don’t want to import the junk. I probably have 500 passwords that are complete junk after 15 years of password storage. I don’t want to import then and then figure it out and delete them. I also won’t know which ones I have updated as my process is to have the other manager autofill then update passwords and store it in Bitwarden, then delete it in the other manager.