URI matching issues


I would like to also request a sorting for the available credentials pair for a given URI. I will give you a real example of when this is needed.
Canadians need to access government services and each different service does not share credentials with each other, but most the times they have more than one URI for each to login (yes, it is a mess). Sometimes they even redirect you to what seems an generated page URI like (h2123-3nsdfb3.account.gic.gc.ca) You never know which will be the login URI so host matching doesn’t help here requiring you to use base domain matching for these websites.

Other services from the government have a more consistent login URI which I go and set to be host. However when I enter these websites, the first entries that show up in the browser plugin are the base domain matches instead of giving preference for the one which the host matches.

I don’t want a filter here because it screws up with the other websites I need to access as well, but sorting would really help as the plugin can determine what login makes the most sense for this (the ones that the URI has a higher % of matching). Think of putting a weight on the matching algorithm and sorting by this weight.

The change seems to me to be very straightforward and could be a flag (option) which only opt in users use (keeping backward compatibility for other users). This would only improve the overall user experience with very low impact on the maintenance of the app/plugin.

To get matters worse, many times I have login information stored for myself and my children (when they need their own account like airlines frequent flyer programs, government websites etc) and if we could also determine which are the primary vs secondary logins would be great. I rarely need to access my children’s account so would set them as secondary and if needed go ahead and select those, but my account would always show up first.

Hopefully this clarifies better why this feature is needed

Thank you

@Francisco_Silva Welcome to the forum!

I don’t think that what you are asking for is the same thing that is being requested in this feature request thread. It also seems that you may be asking for two different things (feature requests should be limited to a single proposal). For these reasons, I have moved your post to its own thread in the Ask the Community forum to discuss your use cases, and if your needs are not addressed, you can start your own feature request topics (with one proposal per feature request).

You should be able to handle this type of URI using the Regular Expression option for the UR Match Detection method, and setting the regex string to something like the following:


The above should match any URL that starts with https://, followed by an alphanumeric string that optionally contains the hyphen (-) character, followed by the string .account.gic.gc.ca/, followed by a character string of arbitrary length (including 0). You may need to experiment with this to get it right.

Your other concerns seem like they would be solvable using some method of prioritizing the matching logins. There are several existing feature requests that propose this type of functionality:

In the meantime, if your children’s accounts are only used very rarely, you could set the URI Match Detection method to Never for all URIs in their accounts. On those occasions that you need a child’s credentials, you can search for that login item, then select the relevant account from the search results to view it, and click the Auto-fill button that is available below the item’s information (this forces the login information to be auto-filled, even if there is no URI match).