URI match detection being changed from the default. Add some form of indication of this change

When changing the match detection for a URL, there is no way of knowing which login has a match detection that has been changed from the default setting.

It would be nice to have some sort of indication of whether the URL match detection has been changed from the default within the login itself and not just the separate gear icon submenu.

So, maybe something like this (Doesn’t need to be these colors.) Just some sort of indicator to show that the URI match detection has been changed from the default at a glance.

Are you just asking for the match detection setting to be revealed when viewing an item’s details (in addition to the Edit screen, where this setting is visible)?

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Requesting some type of icon or an indication that the URL Match detection has been changed from its given default state. So, some type of indication beside the field or within the field itself.

So that a user does not need to guess if the match detection has been changed for that login. Or needing to click the gear icons to reveal the settings to see if the match detection has been changed.

You don’t need to click the gear icon (unless you are changing the detection method from default to a non-default setting). The current behavior is that in the Edit screen, the URI match detection setting is displayed if it is different from “Default match detection”. If no detection method is displayed on the Edit screen, then the URI uses the default method.

Regardless, I would like to know more about your use-case. Under what conditions would you use such an indicator? At best, an indicator on the View screen would save you a single click. Is this indicator needed for some task that you will be performing frequently?

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It’s just to streamline the experience. Just so the user won’t forget which login has URL match detections that have been changed. At a glance. Without having to edit.

Just to make the process of using the software easier and not having to go to another sub menu to find out if it has been changed or not. Especially if you have more than one URL.

I am just saying implement a way to tell that it has been changed at a glance. Like an icon of a star, or color the field, anything that gives an indication that a change was done. At a glance.

It can also help with understanding why there is an autofill issue etc at a glance because of a change to the match detection.

Yes, but why is this something that you need to do frequently?

This should not be happening frequently. Regardless, if you are troubleshooting an auto-fill issue, you also need to examine the exact value of the URI string, which can only be viewed from the Edit page (the View page only shows the domain part of the URI). In addition, you will most likely need to access the Edit page in order to actually fix the problem. Thus, in the end, you are probably not saving any clicks.

Just because you wouldn’t need to use it frequently doesn’t mean it shouldn’t still be a feature.

It’s called having convenience for the sake of having an easy ease of use for the password manager. To make things easier for the average individual.

As I believe maybe some people don’t even know what match detection is and if they accidentally go into those settings and they change something. They would have no clue that they changed any of the parameters. If they accidentally saved it and forgot about it. Then that is where autofill issues can arise. If they have no clue why something is not auto filling on a specific web page.

As keeping track of which URLs you have changed from its match detection is hard, you have no way of knowing which logins has it URL match detection changed. Especially if you have thousands of login entries. That you would need to remember and you would also need to go into each one individually. To check which URLs have been changed, especially if you have multiple URLs to a specific login.

To keep track of all those changes is mind-boggling. That’s why there should be an indication of which URLs had their match detection changed.

It’s not the fact of how long you will need to be using this feature or if you need to use it constantly.

It’s just a fact that a feature like this being implemented would give the user this knowledge easily. By just going into the login itself and not have to go through separate submenus to find the answers they are looking for. (Hence ease of use that I keep mentioning)

I understand you’re trying to look at this analytically.

But not everything needs to be looked upon in an analytical view. Sometimes an analytical view is beneficial on certain topics, but not always on every topic.

As things in life can be as straightforward and as complex as you want them to be.

Features like this is for ease of use and not to dramatically change how the password manager functions in general.

So it being implemented has no bearing on the fact of how many times you would actually need to use it. As it would be a feature just to improve the functionality of finding a change in the setting easier. It’s more for the cosmetic change and ease of use factor for individuals.

Good luck with your feature request! :wave:

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Given that the default is quite literally named “default match detection”, it is at least to me pretty obvious when it is changed to a non-default value. I don’t see the value in “cluttering” the interface with an icon further calling this out.

If you need to look at many entries, it can often be easier to create a vault export and look things up in there. Not very pretty, but it beats clicking “edit” or “view” a whole bunch of times.

Another trick people tend to use is naming the vault item entry to indicate something special about the account. For example, I name entries along the lines of “Bitwarden community (passkey)” to remind myself to use a passkey on that site.

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I wasn’t saying that the match detection is confusing itself as it does says default. I was saying that trying to figure out which URIs were changed is difficult as there is no indicator of what has been changed once out of the match detection setting menu.

If someone were to mess with it and not realize they click save and forgot about it. They would have no way of knowing that they did change it. That is all I’m saying.

I wasn’t saying to add anything new to clutter the interface but add like a star like in this photo. It definitely would be smaller though (The markup on this phone kind of makes the lines too big). Or maybe changing the line under the URI a certain color when the URI match detection has been changed from the default. So just adding a simple indicator.

I like how you said to add some written indicator in the title of the login. For a solution for the time being.

Edit: I also added these photos to the top main post. To be more clear what I mean.

Thanks for the clarification. Given that the gear icon has only one setting under it, perhaps your goal could be achieved by always expanding it and perhaps even eliminating the gear icon itself.

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FYI, the gear icon is already always “expanded” to show the selected value, unless the selection is “Default match detection”. The gear is there to make the dropdown menu visible when you want to change the selection to a non-default value.