Uploading files?

Hello. I apologize if I’m being in idiot, but I for the life of me cannot figure out how to upload files.

I read through the How To section regarding uploading files… personally it was not useful. I wish they used imagines so one have a better sense where one should go look. I searched everywhere on the app, on the browser, I cannot see the button that says upload.

I thought, maybe I should create a new categories in a vault item, maybe I can create a upload option that way, but it only gives txt, boalean, links etc as an option. There is no upload file or anything file related anywhere as far as I can see anywhere.

I was able to send a photo to the app through the send function. A feature that also doesn’t really make sense to me, because again it’s not clear how to open the photo to look at it.

I do have a subscription… I thought maybe this was the problem… but no, it says I’m still active.

Can someone big please tell me what I’m missing or not seeing. Thank you in advance.

Hi @Mel_Meller and welcome to the community.

Uploaded files have to be attached to something.

For example, look at your list of Vault Items in your browser, but don’t open the vault item. Look for three vertical dots to the right of the Vault Item and click on it. You should see something that says Attachments. Click on Attachments and you should be able to upload a file.

Does that help?

Oh my word… ok, I am definitely a certified idiot. I finally understand now… your wording was perfect. “A file has to be attached to something”, but you don’t attack it inside the item. Still I don’t know how I didn’t see those dots. :disappointed:

I’m sorry for missing this… And Thank you. You were a massive help. I wish you a great weekend ahead… Thanks again for your help. I appreciate it very much.

You’re not an idiot at all. I also initially had trouble finding this. It’s not an intuitive design choice and could benefit from an update to the UI.

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The use of ‘certified idiot’ gave me a good laugh, I may need to bestow this honorary title upon myself in solidarity :rofl:


That is very kind of you to say. :slightly_smiling_face:. And I agree completely… a UI update would be nice… And I would go even further by saying they should add some features like the ability to actually open these attachments when you are out of internet reach…you know, for one travel for ex and urgently need to gain access to passport images etc. The implimenation as it is is a bit lacking… Thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:

:rofl:. We could start a club… For Idiots only…in order to be able to join, you have to not be able to attach a file. We might be rich if we ask a membership fee. If we charge a dollar per member, then we have two dollars so far. So that’s a profit of…oh nooo… Ok nevermind. :rofl:

Hah, thanks! Feedback has been passed along :rofl: