Upgrading from Teams to Enterprise - questions

Considering upgrading our plan from Teams (paid) to the Enterprise level. Our main reason for doing this is to have the ability to recover vaults and/or reset master passwords to avoid losing user vaults. These seem to be features added under the somewhat vague “Enterprise policies” piece.

I’m looking for answers to a few questions from those who have done an upgrade like this. I’ve done some digging and can’t seem to find clear answers to these questions…

We currently have 18 users and will be adding a few. Will an owner or admin be able to manage or recover master passwords for existing users? Will they need to re-enroll or anything like that? What are the risks involved in upgrading our plan? It is seamless and invisible to end users?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

@Dean_K Welcome to the forum!

Some of your questions can probably be answered by the Business Sales team.

The actual mechanics of upgrading are described here, with a more detailed procedure outlined here.