Upgrade from Free Organization to Families Organization

Is it possible to upgrade from a Free Organization to a Families Organization? I’d like to “try before I buy” and wasn’t sure if that was a viable upgrade path.

Also, are there any “gotchas” with upgrading (if it is possible)? Or, any “gotchas” when moving from a Free Individual to a Free Organization (going to try sharing with the wife)?

Thanks in advance!!

Hi @si1ic0n_gh0st - welcome!

Yes, you should have no issues upgrading from Free Organization to a Family Organization should you decide to purchase a subscription. As I understand it, the purchase will simply unlock the premium features without affecting the contents of your vaults.

To be really safe, you might want to export backups of your two personal vaults plus the organizational vault before you upgrade so that you can always restore any information if something goes wrong (but it should not). The safest way to do this is to create unencrypted json backup files and store them on an encrypted drive or in an encrypted container (e.g., using VersCrypt or TrueCrypt). Hope that helps!

Awesome. Thank you very much! I’m a pretty paranoid person, so doing a backup is definitely in my plan. =)

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