Upgrade free user to 2nd user on premium account

I have upgraded my personal account to Premium, which I thought included two users. I do see the premium features on my account.
When I created my organization, and invited the 2nd user, who created their account as a new user, they do not have access to premium features. I do see the account verified under my account and organization.
What needs to change?

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I’m not sure where you got that idea. The Premium plan is an individual plan, for a single user. There is also a Free Organization, which allows 2 users to become members of the Organization, but this has nothing to do with Premium — the Free Individual Account and the Premium Individual Account both include the Free Organization feature (so you don’t need to upgrade to Premium to set up an Organization of 2 users).

If this was the reason that you upgraded to Premium, you can get a refund.

The only personal plan that includes Premium features for all members is the Families Organization plan (which includes up to 6 users with access to Premium features).

Here is a comparison of the various personal plans:

Ok, i get it now. I mis-interpreted one of the premium statements as implying two personse. No problem. Thanks for the clarification.

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I had this same misunderstanding, based on Bitwarden’s pricing page: https://bitwarden.com/pricing/

You can see under Free and Premium accounts, it says “Free Organization: 2 Users, 2 Collections.”

@grb I didn’t understand your explanation, above. But, I think it’s not unreasonable to conclude from the way Bitwarden lists its feature sets under the Free and Premium columns that 2 users could rest under a Free Organization, granting them both Premium features.

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@222 I’m sorry that my explanation wasn’t clear — was there a particular phrasing or sentence that was confusing? I’m always interested in improving my abilities to explain.

I agree that the way the plans are presented in Bitwarden’s promotional material is confusing, because of the way that the table makes no distinction between how it presents the 6 users of the Families plan (who do get premium privileges) and the 2 users of the Free Organization (who do not inherit any privileges from the organization owner).

Yes, that’s exactly the issue with the way the Pricing features are described. The way it actually functions is impressive for two free accounts to be able to do.

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