Updating Bitwarden for endusers with no admin rights

Hi All,

What’s the best way to update an end user’s Bitwarden Enterprise client when they don’t have local admin rights.

We use Ninite, but looks like Bitwarden is not supported by them.

How is everyone else doing this?


The lastest version of the Bitwarden desktop application for Windows does not require admin rights but only if being installed for a single user.
This will instead install into the %APPDATA% directory.

If you have a previous install under the program files folder then this will install for all users on the system but also require admin permissions to install or upgrade. This can also be taken care of with an endpoint management solution such as Intune, or via GPO in an AD corporate environment.

Otherwise the old version can be uninstalled, and the latest version installed into the under profile.

Thanks Kent,

Can you point me in the direction of a how-to for installing Bitwarden in a user context, I can’t see anything online in the Bitwarden guides. We have intune, so I can wrap it in Win32 and push out to clients. I just need the switches for uninstalling and installing in a user context.


To answer my own question, as it might help someone in the future.

The standard /S switch installs locally on the user profile.

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