Updated extension in Google Chrome Store

There were two extension updates, but they’re not listed on the Google Chrome Store. Any idea when the updates will be available?

On my Google Chrome Store I see
Version 1.44.1
Updated May 26, 2020
which coincides with the version I see on my extension which updated today or yesterday.

I noticed it was updated because I was being prompted for master password every time instead of PIN, meaning that my extension settings were somehow lost after the update, is this normal?

Never noticed this since I’ve used it for 1y or more.

Hi! There was an extension update today. It appears that may have logged you out. In Bitwarden, it is normal for a log out to require a PIN reset, so you should be able to go to Settings > Security > Unlock with PIN and be back in action!

Since this extension update today (1.44.1), I am finding that it is not respecting (remembering) my settings for PIN and it is repeatedly asking for the master password.

It is getting really annoying. Any ideas?

I’m having the same problem. The extension always asks for me to login and because of this autofill of logins has become a real pain. I have to:

  • Click the icon in the toolbar.
  • Press login.
  • Login using username and password.
  • Dismiss the window, as it doesn’t filter the entries to the site i am on.
  • Click the icon in the toolbar again.
  • It now filters the list correctly. So select the login.

All of this since the latest update.

Log in, then go to Settings. Check the Vault Timeout and the Vault Timeout Action. You might also want to take a look at the Unlock with PIN option.


It was already set to ‘Lock’ and not ‘Log out’, but I tried changing it and then changing it back again. I also shortened the timeout to 1 minutes to test it.

Appears to be behaving itself again. Looks like something went wrong during the upgrade and it changed the default behaviour to ‘Log Out’ even though the UI stated ‘Lock’. Toggling the setting seems to have reset it at the moment.

Thanks @abton and others.

I followed the process of resetting the behaviour to ‘Log Out’ and then changing it back to ‘Lock’ and then redefining the PIN mode.

This appears to have got things back to normal.

Incidentally, the same thing also applied to my laptop with same browser/extension versions.