Update to electron 12 for native wayland support

Feature name

  • Native wayland support (not a feature per se)

Feature function

  • Bitwarden desktop app will run natively on wayland
  • What benefits will this feature bring?
    • better dpi scaling
    • no tearing
    • multi-touch gestures
    • in theory lower footprint

Related topics + references

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I would conciser this a necessity, besides the listed features that the app would gain from the update for wayland, it would also mean enhanced security for any wayland user.

If you aren’t aware any X application can see any other X application without needing to request for permission, which you can imagine is a major security risk, especially when it comes to a password manager. Wayland solves this

Any updates on this issue? Bitwarden on XWayland doesn’t work on my Arch setup… it’s just a blank window.

I’ll check - we’ve update electron a few times recently @MetalGearDaner

Looks like 11.4 is where we’re at right now - thanks for keeping this active!


Thanks for the info! Pretty close to Electron 12, I hope it gets updated soon. I’ll check now and then :slight_smile:

@MetalGearDaner we just updated to electron 14 :slight_smile:


That’s amazing! Thanks for the good and fast work :slight_smile: