Update on migrations for former MYKI users

You can follow progress on the Github PR here.

imported .csv file, installed bitwarden, installed extension, created acct, logged in, rebooted (not in that order)…bitwarden does not start… what am i missing?

Hi @katinfoco, which platform are you having trouble accessing Bitwarden on?

windows 10 desktop , chrome

downloaded from bitwarden website, can see all my pw’s that i imported from myki when I open the app in chrome, the extension is enabled. guess I was looking for a popup of some sort when i access a site that needs a pw and is on my imported list. something is not enabled but I don’t know what it is. accustomed to a prompt to insert a user name, pw. what else needs to be enabled?

Hi @katinfoco and welcome to the community.

We currently do not offer an overlay popup on input fields. If you’d like to see that, you can vote on this feature request.

The most commonly used is the keyboard shortcut Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+L, the context-menu (right click) or you could use “Autofill on Page load” which can be activated in the options, which will fill in credentials automatically.

Further information on our supported auto-fill capabilities can be found here

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The original post has been updated to include recent changes to the MYKI importer. Simply choose Myki and import each of the files.

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Hello dwbit,
My MYKI import does not seem to work is there any way I can see some information on what went wrong so i could possibly fix this?

If this is more appropriate to create a new Issue let me know and I will post it this way.

This is the error I am getting both with Importing by file and importing by copy/paste.


Hi @LargeLuigi, can you provide a little more information?

  • Did this happen for one specific file, or all of the MYKI files?
  • Is that particular file empty?
  • Does the file have headers/column titles?
  • Did you manually modify the file? (sometimes opening csv with excel/open office can alter file.

You can also review the Condition a Bitwarden .csv or .json Help Center page.

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  • This happened to the single file I got out of my MYKI export.
  • The file is not empty it has about 100 password entrys.
  • The file has headers/column titles.
  • I tried importing before opening the file and then openend it. Both times the error was the same.
  • I have also tried removing every note entry in the file since i suspected them of breaking the import due to weird formatting

I have now created a small example that matches the data except for any passwords etc:

Nickname,Url,Username,Password,Additional Info,Two Factor Secret,Status
"webservice","sso.webservice.com","[email protected]","superSecretPassword","","",Active

thanks for your help,
best regards,
Large Luigi


Hi @LargeLuigi,

Thank you for checking back in and providing further information.

I compared the example you gave, with the files I had received for writing the importer. It seems the column headers don’t match. I’m unsure if this was caused by opening the file with a certain editor or if the file got exported like that.

Is this maybe an export from an older version of Myki or using a certain OS (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS)?

Here are the colmuns that are present in my exported files:


(all columns using camelCase)

Could you please try importing again using the new headers.

Assuming this is not a bug: We will probably not make any adjustments to the importer as the EOL of Myki is only ~3 weeks away, but if we can narrow down what the cause is, we could add that and a workaround to our help page.

Kind regards,

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Hi @djsmith85,
Sorry to get back to you so slowly.
After my Desktop MYKI app broke down i contacted support to get help on my export. I was then directed to the mobile app which previously did not have the feature to export your data directly. After updating this feature was available and that was where i got this file with the wrong column names.

After fixing the column names the import worked fine.

Thank you for your help.


I understand these column headers for URLs, but what about cards, accounts, and identities? I’m having problems with these:
Nickname Card Number CardName Exp Month Exp Year CVV Additional Info Status
Nickname Additional Info Status Account Number Routing # PIN
Nickname Id Type Id Number Id Name Id Issuance Date Id Expiration Date Id Country Additional Info Status

Thanks for the assistance.

Hi @karenc843 and welcome to the community.

Sorry to hear, you are also running into issues with Myki. Based on @LargeLuigi’s report, I’ve requested 2 exports from the same Myki vault, one from the Myki Desktop app and one from Myki Mobile. The column headers only differ slighty, but the current importer won’t be able to import the Myki mobile export.

I’ll post some instructions on how to change the columns for each file type here, shortly.

Kind regards,

Hey everyone,

Here are some instruction on how to change the column headers of csv-files created by the Myki Mobile app. If you exported from the desktop application, you can just import using the instructions at the top of this thread.

The examples below always shows the export from mobile, followed by the expected format.

It’s mostly small changes to casing and in some files also the order of the columns.

I hope this is easy enough to follow.


Nickname,Url,Username,Password,Additional Info,Two Factor Secret,Status


Nickname,Card Number,CardName,Exp Month,Exp Year,CVV,Additional Info,Status


Nickname,Id Tyoe,Id Number,Id Name,Id Issuance Date,Id Expiration Date,Id Country,Additional Info,Status


Nickname,First Name,Middle Name,Last Name,Email,First Address Line,Second Address Line,Title,Gender,Number,City,Country,Zip Code,Additional Info,Status




Nickname,Additional Info,Two Factor Secret,Status

Once all files have been modified, the import can be done as described at the top of this thread.

Please let me know, if this works for you.

Kind regards,



This is great! I’ll give it a try and see if they work.

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It’s been working like a charm! Is there a convention for bank accounts?

Thanks so much.

HI @karenc843,

I’m happy to hear everything worked :slight_smile: I’ve asked someone from Product Management to have a look into the format of bank accounts in Myki.

I’ll post here/update my post above, once I have more info.

Hi @karenc843,

just checked in and there is no special export for bank accounts. The items I found were part of the IdCard.csv export and should work, after changing the columns, as described above.

Kind regards,

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Hi-I also am migrating from Myki. I imported my data but only the user id/pw and url is showing. I also want to import notes. I downloaded a csv file from Windows on my laptop. Is that possible? Thanks.