"Update on exit" button in popup for enhanced convenience

Feature name

  • Change the Update Pop up to add a button that updates the app on closing and not while i need my vault

Feature function

  • Instead of having a pop up with a “Update now” or “Cancel” buttons. It would have a third button with “Update on Exit” or something.

What benefits will this feature bring?

  • Improved convenience: By adding an “Update on Exit” button, users can easily update the application when they are finished using it, without having to go through the process of manually checking for updates. Users are more likely to keep the software up-to-date, which can help to ensure that they have the latest security features and fixes.
  • Enhanced productivity: Users can continue to access their vault while the update is waiting and not canceled, which can improve productivity and efficiency.


This idea comes from Paint.net Desktop, i don’t have a screenshot unfortunately but if i’m not understood i would love to be more explicit !

Update: i just saw screen to gif do it a different way, they give you the update popup when you close the app, it might be an alternative