Unsupported Browser - Google Chrome trying to sign into Twitch

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I’m looking for some details as I’m new to the Bitwarden community. You see, when I attempt to sign in to Twitch I receive an “Unsupported Browser error”, which has never happened for me as it usually just works. I confirmed that after un-installing the Bitwarden extension, the log-in performed as usual and didn’t come back with the same unsupported error.

Does this happen to alot of people? Is this common with a lot of websites? I’m just curious as I’ve only had the extension for a day now.

I confirmed that my Google Chrome was up-to-date prior to uninstalling the extension.

Hey there, was it an error on the twitch website, or a Bitwarden error when trying to autofill?

Do you have Bitwarden and Google passwords active at the same time? For best performance, it’s best to disable your browser’s native ability to manage credentials: Get Started with Browser Extensions | Bitwarden Help Center

I just logged successfully into Twitch.tv on Chrome using the Bitwarden extension.