[UNOFFICIAL] Announcing Unofficial Bitwarden Telegram group

Hi there. It’s been a while.

Many and many things have been going on with Bitwarden behind the scenes.

Luckily, after a long while I talked to Kyle via email and we talked about the possibility for running a small (that might grow much) community for Bitwarden users and fans.

As a big fan of FOSS and Bitwarden itself, I’m proud to tell you that we (or just me?) created a small Telegram group for users that might feel comfortable to talk freely about Bitwarden.

Don’t be shy and join in!

Just a note for this official community admins and moderators:
I’m open-wide for recommendations, advice and ideas. As well as I’m very open to talk about discussions for possible administrators of the official channels to run this new unofficial community freely without any problems.

So if you admins don’t feel comfortable with the idea, please let me know before anything else.

I was thinking about announcing this (again, it’s completely UNOFFICIAL and fan-made) this new community on Reddit.

Everything is linked to the proper support and the official channels, of course. I’m not so crazy to just come out with a new idea without @kspearrin or anyone else’s consent.

I hope it’s alright to you guys.

Well, let’s jump in then. The ones who want to join, here are the links:
Group: t.me/Bitwarden
Rules: is.gd/bwrules

If there’s anything wrong, please contact me privately.

Hope to see you guys there!

PS: I was thinking about a Discord community, but I’m more used to Telegram at this time.


No issues here! Have fun! :partying_face: