Unlocking mobile app on Android using pin code insanely slow

Hello everyone,

I have been using Bitwarden on my Android 10 Samsung Tablet for several years and never had issues with it. However, since approx. end of April or beginning of May I am having severe performance issues.

In more detail, I use the pin code to unlock the vault whenever I want to autofill a password. Now, however, it is taking forever to unlock the vault. By forever I am talking about 20-30 seconds or even longer.

I have version 2024.5.1 installed on my device which is a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 tablet running Android 10.

I am grateful for any help!

@Tipoff2214 Hi!

Did you change the KDF settings to Argon2? Or did you set PBKDF2 to a high number of iterations?

I did set PBKDF2 to a high number of iterations! Have not changed the algorithm.

Higher iterations slow down the login and unlocking, which is intended and “good” for security. If the change in iterations coincide with the slowing down experience, I think we have found out what’s going on.

Which values would you recommend when changing the algorithm? I would try it then and see whether it makes any difference!

I can not recommend anything.

First, before you change it (again): make an export of your vault, to be on the safe side.

Then, for PBKDF2, the current standard is 600000 (in spoken words: six hundred thousand).

If it were me, I would altogether change to the newer, better, more secure Argon2, possibly with the standard settings for that. But that can slow down things even more for your Tab S4. Or not. It is not entirely predictable. I personally would try it with Argon2’s standard settings. (PBKDF2 is not really recommended anymore…)

Hi @Tipoff2214,

Sorry the app has been slow for you recently. This is likely caused by the migration from Xamarin to MAUI, a new underlying framework, which happened around the time you’re reporting the slowdown.

The good news is that the Bitwarden native mobile apps will be available soon, and we expect they will be much more performant than the MAUI app.

Hang in there!

@Micah_Edelblut Ah, I didn’t know that. Thanks for the info! (And very interesting to know, that the new mobile apps seem to be almost around the corner!)

@Tipoff2214 … but, if you also changed the KDF around the same time, it could still be both. :thinking: If you leave the KDF unchanged, you will see it with the new mobile app… On the other hand, if you changed the KDF and it had no effect, you would definitively know, it was the framework of the app…

Thank you both for your helpful answers.

Apparently, it was related to the iterations and the algorithm. I changed to Argon2 with the default settings and it works well now, as before!

However, I am really looking forward to the native new mobile apps!

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