Unlock with PIN reset

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering if you are facing the same issue I have.
From time to time, the “unlock with pin” option is reseted and I have to enter my master password + 2FA then enable Pin again.

I’m not sure when it’s happening, maybe with Bitwarden updates but it’s boring as it’s frequent.

I’ve experienced this issue on Chrome and Firefox.

I usually (and unfortunately) experience this after an update, still not after every single update. Not recently but in the past also other settings like “Default URI Match Detection” or “Clear Clipboard” sometimes were reset. So if I know that an update occurred nowadays I check all settings.

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this is frustrating…

I would not go that far to call it frustrating. I nowadays use it as an opportunity to check if something new was added and to find out if the settings I chose in the past still fulfill my wishes.

Honestly, have a little message “hey Bitwarden has been updated to a new version, here is the changelog” is way better than reverting options back.

I do not believe that this is done on purpose. If I remember correctly quite some time ago I saw a topic somewhere in here in which a former Bitwarden employee (@tgreer) mentioned that this should not happen.

Yep, that’s correct, the configuration shouldn’t change with updates. Any time that happens it would be good to report the issue here: Issues · bitwarden/browser · GitHub


I don’t remember this ever happening to me. Not positive but I don’t remember it and I have BW running for a few years.

I wonder if its because my FF is running on Linux? Just a thought.

I came here looking for this thread. Same issue. It happens every time I re-open Firefox 99.0.1 in Windows 10. Doesn’t happen to my mobile account, I can still unlock the app with my PIN.

Hey everyone, make sure to uncheck Lock with master password on browser restart (see warning below) to retain Unlock with PIN after a browser restart. See Unlock with Pin in the Help Center for more information.

When you log out of your browser extension, your Unlock with PIN settings will be wiped and you’ll need to re-enable Unlock with PIN.

If you turn off the Lock with master password on restart option, the Bitwarden application may not fully purge sensitive data from application memory when entering a locked state. If you are concerned about your device’s local memory being compromised, you should keep the Lock with master password on restart option turned on.


I know this and it is not related.
It’s the option itself that change its state, “Unlock with Pin” goes to unchecked

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