Unlock with PIN not working

I’m new to Bitwarden and want to unlock my browser extension via PIN (Brave browser). I have yet to ever be asked to unlock with a PIN, however. I only ever see it asking for the master password (followed by 2FA).

I went to the extension’s settings and setup up the extension like this:

What did I do wrong or am I missing? BTW, I’m using Windows 10, if that matters.

I saw someone else had this problem on a Mac and rebooting solved the problem. I’ve rebooted and still have the same problem.


You need to go to tap on the ‘unlock with pin’ then i think there you will see a check mark that active and says Lock with master password when browser restarts you need to disable that.
your problem 100% solved.

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I checked the ‘unlock with pin’ and set vault timeout to ‘never’,

Now, while I don’t have to enter a password, I’m also not prompted for a pin after leaving the browser running all night or after restarting the browser.

What I want is to have Bitwarden lock after a certain (configurable) time, and require a PIN to unlock - which the above steps don’t seem to accomplish.

Is that something that Bitwarden can do? Also, given that I haven’t yet seen a PIN required, what is the purpose of the PIN?

set the vualt time out to browser restart
set the pincode disable the unlock with masterpassword when browser restart.

Thanks. That seems to have gotten me where I wanted to be.

This makes no sense to me. Palermo’s instructions are extremely unclear.

There are 2 instances of the Bitwarden “app”.

The desktop instance and the browser extension instance.

Which instance is Palermo talking about?

@lewisl Welcome to the forum!

The method described in the posted solution works both in the Bitwarden Desktop client app and in the Bitwarden browser extensions.

In the Desktop app, open the File menu and select Settings; in the browser extensions, click :gear: Settings at the bottom right corner of the extension. In either case, check the checkbox for the option Unlock with PIN. On the prompt where you enter your desired PIN code, you would also need to disable (uncheck) the option shown below the PIN entry field, which is labeled “Lock with master password on restart” (in the Desktop app) or “Lock with master password on browser restart” (in the browser extension), before clicking OK. The options to “lock with master password” are enabled by default, for security reasons (as shown in the screenshots below).

Desktop App PIN Settings:


Browser Extension PIN Settings:



Note 1:

If you have previously set up a PIN for unlocking your vault (i.e., if the checkbox for the option Unlock with PIN option is already checked), then the “lock with master password” option cannot be accessed. In this case, you will need to first disable your PIN (by clearing the checkbox for the option Unlock with PIN option) before following the method described above.

Note 2:

If you disable the option to “lock with master password” on app/browser restart, you will increase the vulnerability of your Bitwarden vault contents. In particular, an attacker who is able to momentarily access your hard drive contents (whether through physical access to your computer or by deploying malware to your computer) would be able to copy your encrypted vault data (even if your vault is locked and your computer is turned off), and will then be able to fairly readily crack your vault encryption using the copied file. The example shown here demonstrates how a 4-digit PIN is cracked in about 1 second. Thus, disable the “lock with master password” option at your own peril, and only if your device is always kept well-guarded and malware free.

I’ve been using Bitwarden for a number of months now and have suddenly encountered a similar problem. I’m using the Desktop extension in Firefox on a Mac. The settings have been set for lock after 4 hours, unlock with PIN and lock with Master password on browser shutdown. This has worked fine for months but just lately it has started to lock with the Master password overnight, even if the browser has not been shut down. So, I now need to use the master password daily and then need to reset the ‘unlock with PIN’ option, as this is wiped out. I appreciate that I could work around this by unchecking the ‘lock with Master password on shutdown’ box but I’m just puzzled as to why this has just recently become necessary. Is this my only alternative? I suppose that, if I leave my browser open when putting the Mac to sleep, I never actually benefit from the additional security from the ‘lock with Master password’ anyway. So the new behaviour is probably better from a security viewpoint - but is there any way to avoid having to re-set to ‘unlock with PIN’ feature every day?