Unlock with face id disabled but BW still asking for face ID

Hi. I have:
Vault Timeout: Never
Vault Timeout action: Lock
Unlock with Face ID: Disabled
Unlock with PIN code: Enabled.

When I try to do autofill on my Chase banking app, Bitwarden still asks for face ID instead of PIN. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled both the banking app as well as Bitwarden and it still asks for face id. PIN is working fine for websites and other apps.

Iphone 12. Bitwarden on latest update.

On your mobile device, I would try re-enabling FaceID, saving, then disable it again, then force a sync, if you haven’t tried that already. Obviously, something is a bit messed up.

Thanks. When I re-enabled the Face ID, it gave the following error: “Biometric unlock for autofill disabled pending verification of master password” I enter my master password and It autofilled correctly. Trying again uses face ID correctly. if I then disable face ID and enable PIN. It is still asking for face ID.

OK, that’s unexpected. Might I suggest that you contact the Bitwarden CS team here?

Will do. Thanks.

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