'unlock with biometrics' keeps asking for 'browser integration' to be enabled in desktop app

win10, vivaldi browser, bw extension 2022.10.1
Browser integration is enabled. I have tried rebooting computer. bw desktop is running.

Do you have unlock with Windows Hello enabled?

yes, windows hello is enabled.

Below is a sequence of steps that have been compiled by @dh024 (with contributions from @ConsistentCorgi) for troubleshooting biometrics problems in the FireFox extension. It would be worthwhile trying this procedure with your Vivaldi browser extension, to see if it helps:

  1. disable biometrics in the FF extension
  2. uninstall the Bitwarden desktop app
  3. install the desktop app again from this download: https://vault.bitwarden.com/download/?app=desktop&platform=windows (don’t use Windows Store version)
  4. enable biometrics in the desktop app
  5. enable desktop integration in the app
  6. enable biometrics in the FF extension
  7. if necessary, enable Require verification for browser integration

Let us know whether the above procedure works for you.

still doesn’t work. still: complains that browser integration needs to be enabled in desktop app. integration has been enabled.

I think that it is time to move on. Between biometrics not working, not auto saving logins, needing field names to be adjusted for some imported logins, having to click next after every entry when they do get filled, not able to move a new login to established folders, (yes, I use folders for some groups of logins, and had to recreate one after it got deleted while I was figuring out how to create the custom field and hit the cleverly placed ‘delete’ button and didn’t get a confirmation about deleting the whole login), this may not be the time for me to go with bitwarden. And I haven’t even been using it, just installed it experimented a bit.

Hey @astro46 you may contact the official :technologist: support team at Get in Touch | Bitwarden at any time for additional assistance.

i did use get-in-touch, took about 6 emails, back and forth, uninstalling, reinstalling, changing settings back and forth, over several days. eventually the magic combination was arrived at and win hello now works. for now.

how many users would have bothered with all this. far too complicated.

so does this only work with Windows Hello?

I dont use hello, have tried browser integration on 3 different computers with Brave & edge, none work, all get as far as approving the phrase, but then error out and say biometrics needs to be enabled in the desktop app (which it obviously is already)

I confirm the .json and registry keys get created (nativemessaging things)

yes, win hello.

i suggest that you contact bw support, as advised in the email above. it would be good for them to know about others having issues with the browser integration.

i have been using roboform. all I had to do was click the box, to use win hello to log in. no browser integration settings, checking other boxes, reinstalling, etc, etc. bw setup needs some modifications.