Unlock with biometric broken

I used unlock with biometric on my browser Vivaldi on my win 10 pro x64 Laptop a chromium based browser it was working fine until recently probably the latest updates. Now when i choose unlock with biometric setting on browser extension setting I’m getting "Start the Bitwarden Desktop application

The Bitwarden Desktop application needs to be started before this function can be used." I have the application loaded and already showing in the tray icon. This was working before. please advise

Hi @alcwj_chong8 - have you seen this thread yet? It points to lots of ideas if your extension has started misbehaving recently.


I’m also in this case and that’s pretty annoying. I found others mentioning this Having trouble with Bitwarden Browser Extensions? (Chome, Firefox, etc) - #42 by ConsistentCorgi

@dh024 I guess you missed adding the link of the thread, no?

Thanks for catching my error and adding the link @peace. Much appreciated! :+1:

Thanks for all the informative response I followed the thread peace and David pointed and it seem working now thank you all !!

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