Unlock safari with Touch ID

In the last days I saw the post on the blog for unlock safari with touch id.
I don’t see the option on my extension and there isn’t any update on App Store.

What’s wrong?

Thanks and regards,

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It’ll be available in v1.26+ of the Desktop app (bundles the Safari extension with it), still waiting on Apple Approval :slight_smile:

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They announced that they’re planning to add biometric auth (Windows Hello and Touch ID) to web extensions sometime in 2021.

Biometrics are available now for browser extensions (just waiting on Safari) :slight_smile:


1.26.5 was just installed automatically on my 2020MB Air (M1) from the App Store - seemingly all running smoothly, with biometrics integrated in Safari 14.1.1 :slight_smile:
Thank you Bitwarden Team!