Unlock Safari extension using Apple Watch when MacBook is in clamshell mode

Feature/Fix name:

  • Unlock Safari extension using Apple Watch

Feature/Fix Description

  • Safari extension cannot be unlocked using Apple Watch when in clamshell mode, it’ll prompt and state “Browser biometrics is not supported on this device”.
  • Firefox, Chrome and Edge extensions are able to be unlocked by Apple Watch when in clamshell mode.
  • Safari extension can be unlocked with Apple Watch when the laptop is not in clamshell mode.

This fixes issue Safari TouchID Biometric Prompt In Clamshell Mode · Issue #2470 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub

This is a very small fix, something I’ve already implemented, can I just open up a PR and submit to on Github?
I see most of the PRs have issue numbers, I can’t figure out where they come from.

Clients / Repos Affected:

  • Web

Timeline to completion (estimate):

Very small fix, something I’ve implemented already.

Hi @Des and welcome to the community!

Awesome, that you are tackling this. Feel free to create a PR in our clients repo and include “Closes #2470” which will link to the issue you mentioned above.

We have Bitwarden bot running on Github for our community contributions and it adds a ticket to our internal ticket tracking system. Once you have created a PR, we get notified and we can queue this up for review.

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