✅ Unlock option under the right-click BitWarden context menu

Within the browser Bitwarden context menu when mouse right-click, there are Autofill, copy username, copy password, copy verification code and generate password. Can a unlock option be included/added to the context menu as well?

Feature name

Allow unlocking vault from right-click menu

Feature function

Currently if you try and use the right-click menu when the vault is locked, all entries just say “vault is locked” or “vault is logged out”. There is no clear way from that menu to bring up the unlock screen. Clicking those entries does nothing.

I propose that if the vault is locked or logged out, then the right-click menu should contain an “unlock vault” item. Upon clicking, it should bring up the extension and focus the keyboard in the unlock (master password or PIN) field.

This unlock vault item should be in place of the items that won’t work when the vault is locked, so the following:

  • Auto-fill
  • Copy username
  • Copy password

Should be replaced by a single item

  • Unlock vault

Only when the vault is locked or you are logged out.

Hi @m1xed0s and @trr

this has been implemented with the current release: Release Notes | Bitwarden Help & Support

The additional change in text on the menu items I missed, but I’ve created a PR to fix it for the next release: [UX] Change menu items for unauthed and locked vault by djsmith85 · Pull Request #2285 · bitwarden/browser · GitHub

I’ll close this topic as it has been implemented