Unlock Bitwarden with 2FA, e.g. Yubikey (instead of, not in addition to password)

+1 to this, but a similar idea would be to have the browser extension require a pin from the open vault on a mobile phone. I have biometrics on my phone, and can open the vault easily with that. I then keep the master password inside my vault, which is probably not best practice, but I need it for the bitwarden browser extension. If I could receive a otp, or a yes/no challenge on my phone, perhaps inside my bitwarden app, then this would save me having to enter the master password, which is a long one, of course.

+1 to this, the entire reason I have a Yubikey is to make good security easier, but i’m still forced to type in my password or a PIN to unlock my vault? I don’t understand how this makes any sense. And I agree that Tiago described how i’d like to be using Bitwarden perfectly. I’m also thinking about switching if this feature isn’t implemented as well, because I want to switch everything over to Yubikey based auth.

Thanks for the feedback everyone! I’ve passed this info on to the team :+1:

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as a citizen of a country where devices are often seized or compromised by corrupt law enforcement, the ability to unlock with a hardware key would be a godsend in terms of convenience. being able to unlock my vault quickly with a key would make life so much easier than having to type a hellishly long password every minute, while still giving me peace of mind.

I’ve been following this thread for a while and also +1

I’ve just moved from LastPass to Bitwarden and I’m certain this issue will cause me pain to the point that in 12 months I’ll move to another service again.

Wish I’d known prior to moving that when the vault locks you MUST re-enter your master password. Really annoying when I have a highly secure 2FA hardware device sitting right here that I can’t use…

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Thanks for the feedback @Majoof, the team is making progress in this space including adding passwordless login options to the 2022 roadmap.

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No, you are not forced to re-enter your master password to unlock your vault. You can also use a PIN instead or biometrics if your device supports it. And if your security device happens to be a Yubikey 5, you can store a really long PIN as a static password for a very secure unlock method.

I guess my issue is a PIN is almost always less secure than a password, and to get biometrics on a desktop is another level of painful.

Using a static password with a yubikey might be a good approach until this feature is implemented, thanks for the suggestion!

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+1 I would really love to be able to use a Yubikey Bio to unlock my vault, instead of using a weak PIN code (because it needs to be easy to unlock).

Dude, chill. You seem to have some serious misunderstanding about what Bitwarden’s two-step login is for. Perhaps try reading the link you posted, or politely ask questions here and maybe someone will help you to understand.

@dh024 As yraen’s post seems to be unrelated to the above feature request, perhaps you can break it out as a separate topic posted on the “Ask the Bitwarden Community” forum. I would suggest titling the new topic “New user frustrated by Yubikey issues” or some such.

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