Unlock Bitwarden with 2FA, e.g. Yubikey (instead of, not in addition to password)

+1 to this, but a similar idea would be to have the browser extension require a pin from the open vault on a mobile phone. I have biometrics on my phone, and can open the vault easily with that. I then keep the master password inside my vault, which is probably not best practice, but I need it for the bitwarden browser extension. If I could receive a otp, or a yes/no challenge on my phone, perhaps inside my bitwarden app, then this would save me having to enter the master password, which is a long one, of course.

+1 to this, the entire reason I have a Yubikey is to make good security easier, but i’m still forced to type in my password or a PIN to unlock my vault? I don’t understand how this makes any sense. And I agree that Tiago described how i’d like to be using Bitwarden perfectly. I’m also thinking about switching if this feature isn’t implemented as well, because I want to switch everything over to Yubikey based auth.

Thanks for the feedback everyone! I can see how useful this would be and I l do love my hardware keys. I’ve passed this info on to the team :+1:

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as a citizen of a country where devices are often seized or compromised by corrupt law enforcement, the ability to unlock with a hardware key would be a godsend in terms of convenience. being able to unlock my vault quickly with a key would make life so much easier than having to type a hellishly long password every minute, while still giving me peace of mind.