Uninstall BitWarden Windows 11--Not listed in Programs and Features

Trying to use Biometrics, (Windows Hello), Bitwarden help support says I have the wrong version of Bitwarden, told to uninstall then reinstall from Bitwarden site. When I go to Control Panel, Programs and Features, Bitwarden is not listed. I’m amazed at this…so what is the path now?

Is it possible you may have downloaded the portable version of Bitwarden Desktop instead of the installer?

Interesting thought. If that’s true then what happens when I download the desktop version? Does it load?

Just for background…
Support tells me to look in settings for
These settings are not listed in Bitwarden on the windows device…so their thought is I have a wrong version. I have Bitwarden on my iPhone…it works well with biometrics. I wanted same for windows device

Can you post a screenshot of the desktop app? Make sure there’s nothing personal showing.

See the image…

Can you check the Microsoft App store to see if it was installed through there, rather than add/remove programs. It would most likely be through the app store.

I quite certain I did not download from the Microsoft Store. Ever if I did, clicking start, apps should list Bitwarden. I usually go to the site I want, find the download and proceed from there. I searched downloads and found nothing relating to Bitwarden. I expected I might find an executable to install, but nothing there. I just joined Bitwarden this month.

Please find the name and location of the executable that runs when you launch the desktop app (e.g., open the shortcut properties and look at what the “target” is). The installed version is called Bitwarden.exe; the portable (non-installed version) is called something like Bitwarden-Portable-2023.1.1.exe.

In addition, open File Explorer and copy/paste the following locations into the address bar:

  • %AppData%\Bitwarden

  • %LocalAppData%\Packages\8bitSolutionsLLC.bitwardendesktop_h4e712dmw3xyy\LocalCache\Roaming\Bitwarden

Unless you are using the portable app, one of the two folders listed above should exist. If the first one exists, you are using the standard installation. If the second one exists, you are using the Microsoft Store installation.

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Neither of the links returned any data. I manually open File Explorer (made sure hidden files could be seen) and searched those locations. Nothing.

So you’re point is I’m using the portable app on the desktop? Didn’t know that was possible. Can this be overlaid with the desktop app?



What is the name of the executable that you are running when you launch the Bitwarden desktop app?

And if you open the location of that executable, do you see there a folder named bitwarden-appdata that contains (among other things) a file named data.json?

My bad for missing that part of the earlier request. The Bitwarden target runs this:

I also open Bitwarden and search for bitwarden-appdata or the data.sjon file which would have been in the folder.

This should have read: “I also open Bitwarden and searched for bitwarden-appdata folder and the data.sjon file, no results.”

Your Bitwarden target is that an icon on your desktop? When clicking on it does it open a web browser which then goes to Bitwarden Web Vault ? If so that is just an internet shortcut.

Based on your response above and the screenshot that you posted earlier, it is clear that you never actually installed the Bitwarden Desktop client app. You are just using the Web Vault.

The (left half of the) Desktop app interface looks like this:




Back to your original question, to use biometrics, you need to install two clients on your computer:

  • Bitwarden Desktop
  • Bitwarden browser extension(s) for the web browser(s) that you use.

You can download the installers on the following page:

Gerardv514/grb: I’m quite sure you’ve identified the problem/issue and I will install later today the Bitwarden and extension if needed (it’s already installed). Once that’s done (golf this morning) I’ll let you know the results.

I’ve loaded the PC based version of Bitwarden with success! It allows me to use Windows Hello to log in. One remaining issue I have is using the extension. I’m not sure I understand how it works. For example in FireFox, the extension is loaded and I was able to update settings to Biometrics. If I then click into a website that requires credentials, I right click, select Bitwarden, auto fill, it asks me to log in (as if I’m not logged in).