Unicode search on browser

I have logins and secure notes with Japanese strings. When I search for them on the browser, nothing comes up. Can we make the search on the browser 100% Unicode compatible?

This works in the mobile app. The mobile app seems to be 100% Unicode compatible, while the browser backend is not 100% Unicode compatible.

The search doesn’t always return substrings in a note - can you confirm that this occurs when searching for a complete word?

I’ve noted this as an item to look into anyways, but wanted to see if you had any additional feedback and/or examples.


I have an entry that consists of two Unicode characters, “年金” (pension). Entering the two characters doesn’t return anything.

I now realize you have a threshold in string length to trigger a search. If I enter “a”, it doesn’t anything, but as soon as I enter “ap”, I see “Apple” and all other entries that include “ap”. My example consists of two characters, but that doesn’t seem to trigger the search. What is interesting is, if I enter a white space as the third character, it triggers the search, and the entry gets found.

  1. I’d like to at least see the same threshold of two characters apply in counting Unicode characters.
  2. Asian language have a lot of short words, so it’s possible, people would create entries with a single Unicode character (such as a Chinese surname). You could count each Unicode character as 2 characters, or if you’re counting bytes, use the byte-size to trigger the search, so a single Unicode character would be enough to trigger the search.


Thanks for the info! I’ve added these notes to our list to look into.

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