Unhandled Server Error Occured

When trying to Login (from any platfrom) I keep getting the error that an “unhandled server error has occured”. Is this a general problem? Anyone else experiencing this?

I tried different pcs, phones and with/without VPN. No difference.

Hey there, feel free to connect with the official support team at bitwarden.com/contact.

Are you cloud or self-hosting?

Hey dwbit. I am using the cloud version :slight_smile: Thanks for helping out!

@dwbit There is a Reddit thread where several users reported experiencing this issue in the Web Vault at around 16:30 GMT, although it seems to have resolved now.

My concern is why are no outages shown for that time frame on the status page?

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Thanks @grb this one seems to be resolved.

How come the status page still says “No events for 19 days”?

@dwbit Thank you! It works again now :slight_smile:

Hey @grb an update has been added to the status page.

Thank you — I had assumed that updates to the status page were automated!

Please note that the “Recent History” section at the bottom still says “100% Uptime, No events for 19 days!”.

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Thanks @grb I’ll follow up, this one affected a small pool of users and was not a global outage. I think this one drops down into the history section after a set period of time.