Undocumented/disabled feature? "Device Verification"

In the web app (v 2022.6.1), under Account Settings > Security > Two-Step Login, there is an option listed below all the other 2FA options:

Device Verification

___Enable Device Verification
When enabled, verification codes are sent to your email address when logging in from an unrecognized device

However, the checkbox to enable this option cannot be checked. The Bitwarden documentation does not contain any mention of this option that I can find, and I have found no other information about it.

Perhaps it is a premium option (I am currently trialing the free version), but it does not have the green “Premium” badge, like the other premium features.

What gives?

Good find! For me it actually is the other way round:
It is activated, greyed out and cannot be de-activated:

On a side note: I am on premium.

Thanks all, this feature has been disabled for the time being. We’ll share more information at a later time regarding this feature, but for now, users can best protect their accounts by ensuring that 2FA is enabled.

Does it make a difference (to the system behavior) whether the box is checked or not? I just upgraded to Premium, and unlike @Peter_H, the option is still disabled on my account:


It’s disabled regardless of the state it currently indicates.