Unable to validate installation id. On premise installation

Hello everybody,

are there any maintenance work at bitwarden. When i install bitwarden on my host i got the following msg “Unable to validate installation id” while using the install script. When using the script yesterday at 1:00 pm everything works fine. api.bitwarden.com is reachable from the host system.

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Hello @diba and welcome,

Can you kindly confirm the version of the self-hosted Bitwarden you are running on your server?

It may also depend on the type of license file you have as to where the license needs to be applied.
Please see, License Paid Features | Bitwarden Help & Support.

Hallo @cksapp,

i forget to say that the error occurs within the installation process. Sorry about that. After i put in the Installation Id and Installation Key the erro occured. So i can’t install bitwarden. I try to install bitwarden on an new vm with debian 11

Here are the version information i got from the script:

bitwarden.sh version 1.47.1
Docker version 20.10.14, build a224086
docker-compose version 1.29.2, build 5becea4c

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Hi @diba, is that after following the steps outlined in the Install & Deploy - Linux Help Center article?