Unable to validate install id/key (not referring to the license key)

Hi, I’ve been using bitwarden on a basement server for a few weeks without issue. I’d like to spin up a cloud server on digitalocean (debian 11, 2gb ram, 1 vCPU 2GB / 50GB Disk), but following the linux install guide I keep getting the following error:

2023.1.0: Pulling from bitwarden/setup
Digest: sha256:<redacted>
Status: Image is up to date for bitwarden/setup:2023.1.0

(!) Enter your installation id (get at https://bitwarden.com/host): <redacted>

(!) Enter your installation key: <redacted>

**Unable to validate installation id.**

Note this isn’t the “Unable to validate installation id. Problem contacting Bitwarden server.” error.

I’m using a UFW firewall, and non-root enabled user “bitwarden”. I’m using
I used the same contact email that I used on the basement server.

What is going wrong with my install?

Edit: installing as per the official Linux instructions, so docker installed/configured, docker compose enabled, non root user installed, installing into /opt/Bitwarden/

I wonder if my cloud server IP is blocked because digital ocean IP’s are frequently used for self hosted VPN services. I’m going to try to reach out to the right BW contact to verify, but I would still love comment from anyone on the forum.

I followed the official install guide perfectly, several times…I’m successful from my home basement server, it doesn’t work on digitalocean cloud server.