Unable to scan QR code

This used to work fine but I’m unable to scan QR codes on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro. Bitwarden app can bring up the camera and “see” the QR code but it never recognises it. Have to resort to typing in the code. The native “Scanner” and Google Photo apps can scan them fine. I’ve checked Bitwarden permissions: just camera.

This is a relatively new phone (Nov 2023) but I’m pretty sure I’ve added new accounts since then.

I’ll experiment with my M365 account.


Added TOTP to Microsoft authenticator app for my M365 account - worked fine. Deleted authentication and tried adding via Bitwarden - same problem. Won’t recognise the QR code.

There are posts on here about similar problems but they’re all pretty old.

Later still…

I’ve re-installed Bitwarden app and it managed to scan the M365 TOTP QR code except at first, I didn’t think it was going to work as other scanners are near instant. Took about 5 seconds with Bitwarden.

Spoke too soon. This is very variable. Sometimes it’ll scan, other times it won’t. Trying with this test site, I get about 25% success rate:


Hey @robnicholson – I’m the person who built out that website (authenticationtest.com) and also a Bitwarden user.

I’ve used this on one of the latest Android devices to scan the QR code and I was able to get 100% success rate.

I can’t speak to why it may not be working for you, but if a camera is dirty it may not scan – it’s also possible my QR code is a bit too small. If you happen to come across a solution, I’d love to hear what you did. Always looking to make my things better!

It’s very intermittent… but every other OCR scan I have to do works flawlessly. Just Bitwarden appears to have trouble. Fortunately, I’m not adding 2FA accounts that often. I’m going to try bringing up the QR code on my laptop next time I need to add one that fails. Normally I’m using my desktop PC.

I don’t think it’s your website at all. When I use Google photo scanner or the scanner app on my Redmi Note with your site I get 100% success rate.