Unable to save new password/user ID on android device

We are having a issue only on android (Samsung Galaxy Note 9 running android 10) let’s say we want to add a new account for example autozone. We go to www.autozone.com and go through the steps to create an account but nothing pops-up. So we manually put in a user ID and generate a password and click create account on the autozone website to create it BUT Bitwarden doesn’t offer to save it. Is there something are we doing wrong? something I missed in settings? IF we create the account on the laptop/Chromebook, it offers to save and works fine & syncs with the note 9 BUT if we try to make a account using the note9 it won’t save. This if for all websites not just autozone I only used autozone as a example.
We are sure to be sure Bitwarden is “on” and still no luck.


I got you. :grin:

First. Is Bitwarden enabled for Accessibility and Draw over (Picture in Picture)? Set for Autofill (make sure to check Google services menu)? “Disable save prompts” turned off?

Second, Is it’s power usage set to unrestricted?

Lastly, the other evil battery “saver” settings get in the way too… Adaptive Battery, Put Unused Apps to Sleep, Power Saving.

Make sure to report back.

Also, as always, delete cache of app. But assumed this was it.

If those power options are the fix, more info is at

There are more options I use, but they’re in the developer mode settings of Android and aren’t mentioned in the site, so I won’t.