Unable to retrieve Bitwarden credentials

we are a small company with a RDM sollution ( Devolution RDM )
we have about 200 clients servers defined in RDM.
all connected trough the Bitwarden API, but every now and then we get the notification: “Unable to retrieve Bitwarden credentials”

nobody can work with RDM.
PasswordManagerAccess.Common.InternalErrorException: Unexpected response from the server with status code InternalServerError
at PasswordManagerAccess.Bitwarden.Client.LoginCliApi(String clientId, String clientSecret, String deviceId, RestClient rest)
at PasswordManagerAccess.Bitwarden.Client.OpenVaultCliApi(String clientId, String clientSecret, String password, String deviceId, String baseUrl, IRestTransport transport)
at PasswordManagerAccess.Bitwarden.Vault.Open(ClientInfoCliApi clientInfo, String baseUrl)
at Devolutions.RemoteDesktopManager.Managers.BitwardenManager.InitializeAPIKey(String clientId, String clientSecret, String password, String customUrl, Boolean isSilent)
------------------------ extended stack ------------------------this happens without any changes being made.

@Servicedesk Welcome to the forum!

There have been issues like this in the past, that were caused by issues in RDM, so you may want to report this behavior in the RDM forum.

Also, you may find some helpful information in this comment on another thread discussing a Devolutions issue, or you can try requesting help directly from @jdelsignore, who is one of the Devolutions developers working on the Bitwarden integration (and who has previously responded here in the Bitwarden Community Form).

the funny thing is: i am the admin of the RDM that runs on my own server on premis
Bitwarden is the cloud version we use.

i as an admin didn’t change anything on my own server, no updates, no firmware nothing.

as i check Bitwarden:
26-07Bitwarden 2023.7.1
13-07Bitwarden 2023.7.0
31-05Bitwarden 2023.5.0

and the 14th my problems started.

now i have a colleague of yours in my mail who is asking me to change the API that always workes for more than 2 years.
he is stating:

Are you using the client API key, or the organization’s API key to authenticate with the RDM solution?

Your Personal API Key is not the same as the [Organization API Key] used to access the [Bitwarden Public API] or [Directory Connector] . Personal API Keys will have a client_id with format "user.clientId" , while Organization API Keys will have a client_id with format "organization.ClientId" .

we have users and owners, me and my colleague are Bitwarden “Owners” we compared the API output we get when we retrieve them from Bitwarden and they are exactly the same.

i am asking him where to find that [Organization API Key] because i can’t find it?

The Organization API key wouldn’t be of use in RDM, you need the Personal API key in the format “user.clientId”. Can you confirm this is indeed what you are using in RDM? Just making sure, because we’ve had users try to use their email in the place of the client ID, receiving the same error as you.

I doubt he is a colleague of mine, as I don’t work for Bitwarden, and I doubt that any of my work colleagues are currently moonlighting as Bitwarden support reps.

If I were you, I would continue to work with the Bitwarden rep, and also pay close attention to any responses that you receive in this thread from @jdelsignore.