Unable to Login with Bitwarden after Windows 11 Install

I have recently built a new PC and updated to windows 11. In doing so, I was moving over the bitwarden extension and I am no longer able to login with username/master password.

I have a self hosted bitwarden environment that has been unchanged during all of this, as its on its own server. its at https://bitwarden.mydomain.com. Logging in and using the app on my phone works still, if I go to the the public url and login. I can access my vault that way. But with Chrome/Firefox and the standalone app, I get username/password is incorrect messages. I have double checked my email and password is the same between each login


Hello @rqueen - upon updating to Windows 11, your Bitwarden clients likely updated to the newest version. Your error message likely means that you are either running an old version of Bitwarden server, or you are running unsupported server software (e.g., vaultwarden). The new clients will no longer work with the server instance you have installed, particularly if it is not distributed and supported by Bitwarden.

@dh024 So I have a mismatch between my self hosted bitwarden server instance to the client apps I am trying to login/authenticate as? That would make more sense. I’ll see what workarounds I can do. Thanks for that help.

If you need it quickly (and dont have time currently to update your vaultwarden), you can install older release or just use the portable version for now.