Unable to login - wife: family plan

Wife is unable to login. I have invited her and she has accepted. She is invited as Manager, I am Owner. My Organization-Manage shows her as being still being invited. From her viewpoint, it’s not a good start.

Please advise if I’ve done something wrong.

Edit: I should have added - her phone is Android. I made the invitation from the Web Vault on Windows 11. (My phone is also Android)

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Hey there, did she click the accept link and create an account? Then you can confirm her into the organization: https://bitwarden.com/help/getting-started-organizations/#invite

Yes she did accept the link and she tried to create an account, but failed to do so. I have also not seen any indication that she accepted the link in my Organization–Manage area. Her state is “invited”. I guess I should resend the invitation? The only other option is to revoke access.

After reading over the referenced material: I think my mistake is to assume she should sign up for BW on the invitation. It appears that you’re assuming that the user (my wife) has already downloaded and signed onto BW. True?

If so, it seems like a bug. But to fix it, I should revoke access and remove her from the organization. Then ask her to sign onto BW and use the same address she signed on with to Invite her again.

I found my wife’s email, and an email that said in bold letters, “Join Organization Now” and clicked it. And followed the resultant messages that offered me to Create a new account - and did so. Taking care to write down the PW as I did so (used a phrase from my BW PW Generator). And I have verified the fingerprint phrase that let me Verify her.

So - the solution was at hand. I think the original ‘Join Organization Now’ (JON) message was missed by BW. And, the second time she used JON, it look several times putting my overly-long password in to the Web Vault to get that she had responded. But - eventually it did work.

However, I would suggest that BW guides me to the path intended rather than the obscure message that I had a problem with my username or password. (Bug1)

And I would suggest improving the priority of the JON message in the Web Vault and improve the processing priority too. (Bug2)

This should be reproduceable. Invite someone with a valid email account that has no BW account. Then get BW from the Play Store and attempt to login to BW directly as the user who was Invited. The error produced is the problem - and the solutions I’ll leave to the folks at BW.

Edit: Clarity

Hi @ldwhitley, I’m sorry to hear you had such a hard time getting your wife into the organization, but I’m glad you were able to finally get her in!

At this time, the Join Organization email you reference is how any user needs to join an organization. Based on your initial messages, I’m not sure what steps she took on her end to accept the invite as the only options that are available on the email are to either log in with an existing account or to create an account - both should have shown as acceptance on your end as long as her invitation had not expired. (Invitations expire after 5 days)


Can you please share more information regarding when the error message regarding your incorrect username or password showed up? Did she try to log in right away before she had created an account with a master password?

As far as the priority of her acceptance, my colleagues and I were not able to replicate this delay. Typically all that is required is either to navigate away from the page and back or to perform a quick vault sync. If you experience a long delay with any other invitations, I would recommend reaching out to our support team so we can investigate this further.

If any other family members are just getting started, I also wanted to let you know about this guide - hopefully it will help! :slightly_smiling_face: