Unable to log in to either Firefox extension or web vault, get "unexpected error"

Location - Florida: While working I went to access a web utility and noticed BitWarden extension logged out. I went to log back in ( I had been using it off and on all morning) and received an “unexpected error” message. I tried just one more time to login making doubly sure of my typing and received same message. So I then tried logging in through the BitWarden site and again received same error…

Is there an outage? Our facility isn’t experiencing any connectivity issues and I can access the web without issue.

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There is a recent and active thread on this already - see here:

Thank you, I saw that but wasn’t certain if current. Downdetector is showing Bitwarden issues as of today/this AM as well.

Thanks @S1N1STAR, keep us updated if you are able to resolve the issue following any of the steps or by contacting the official support team.