Unable to input 2 password fields correctly when logging in an Android app

I’m a new user of BW. Recently, I’ve been trying to get BW to autofill the required details in a stock trading app but have been unable to do so as I can’t make BW input the passwords correctly using custom fields.I used the inspect option to ensure that the ID inserted were correct, but I haven’t been able to fix it.

The first password is an alphanumeric with symbols, second is numeric.

  1. When I made custom fields for both passwords, second password takes the place of the first and the final column remains blank.

  2. When I type the first password in the default password and just create a custom for the second, the first password takes the place of the second, and either the username/second password takes the place of the first.

  3. When I reversed the positions of the passwords that was used in 2), then the second password is put in BOTH the password columns.

It’s for a stock trading app called ICICI Direct(based in India). I’m directly copy pasting the ID’s, so there shouldn’t be a mistake.

When I use the 3) option I mentioned and then type the correct password to login, BW asks me to update the password. Once I did that, my ID and 1st pw gets saved, not the second one. Tried logging in using that data, but then my ID is used in the 1st two columns and 1st password is inserted in the last one.

Any suggestions regarding what I need to do?

According to Auto-fill Logins on Android | Bitwarden Help & Support

Please note that custom fields are not currently supported in Mobile auto-fill.


Good find! Didn’t know that.

Oh, thanks!

Does that mean BW is only meant to be used for the Desktop?

The Android App will autofill basic Username/Password.
You will need to manually type or copy-paste (from app) the other fields.

On Desktop web browsers, Bitwarden has more control over webpage, which allows them to support Custom Fields.

In many cases, Username/Password would be sufficient for average user
So, usually having both the Mobile and Desktop app is useful.

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Type anything in the username and password field, and then press the login button.

To ensure that the autofill service correctly identifies your app’s form factors, you The following example sets a “password” hint on an EditText : A CAPTCHA field in a login activity usually isn’t important for autofill.

is this r8 method or what!!?

Audi ?