Unable to find "Auto-logout" setting in Bitwarden web vault?

Hi everyone,
I recently started using Bitwarden and I’m having trouble finding the “Auto-logout” setting in the web vault. I followed the steps mentioned in the documentation, but I can’t seem to locate it under the “Security” section. I want my Bitwarden session to stay active for one week, instead of automatically logging me out when my browser session ends. I’m using a personal Bitwarden account, so I’m not sure why this feature would be disabled. Has anyone else experienced this issue before, or know how I can set my session to last for a week? Any tips or advice on how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

Hey there, you can configure a custom timeout in your account preferences, see example below, just keep in mind that when you refresh your browser or restart, you will need to authenticate again.

Are you also using the browser extension?

More info in this Help Center article: Vault Timeout Options | Bitwarden Help Center

Due to the web vault and browser extension depending on your web browser, there are unique “timeout” scenarios to consider:

  1. If you refresh your browser (CMD/CTRL + R), your web vault will lock. Refreshing will not affect a browser extension.
  2. If you close your browser tab, you will be logged out of your web vault. Closing a single tab will not affect a browser extension.
  3. If you quit your browser, you will be logged out of both your web vault and browser extension.

Currently, I have the Bitwarden Firefox add-on installed and have already configured the vault timeout to 168 hours. Despite this, whenever I close my browser by clicking on the red cross in the top right corner, Bitwarden logs me out. My goal is to remain logged in to Bitwarden even after closing the browser or restarting the computer, with the logout only occurring once a week, similar to how Dashlane Premium operates.
My primary reason for switching from Dashlane to Bitwarden was to avoid having to enter my master password every time I open Firefox. I do not want Bitwarden to prompt me for the master password each time I launch the browser or boot my pc.
Screenshot from 2023-04-27 19-16-51

Thanks for the context, did you get a chance to read the quote/text above? To accomplish what you’ve outlined, just keep the browser open instead of closing it.

There is no way that I can keep open my browser for the whole day. It is a hassle for me to enter the password on every browser session. Is there another way around it?

First of all, why are you working in the Web Vault for one week straight, instead of using the Bitwarden browser extension or the Bitwarden desktop app? Most users use the Web Vault only for occasional account maintenance tasks. The other client apps offer better control of locking/unlocking.

It seems like there may be a miscommunication. To clarify, I am using the Bitwarden Firefox browser add-on Bitwarden - Free Password Manager – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US). I am unsure if the web vault and the browser extension are two distinct entities or if they are meant to work together. Can you please provide some clarification on this?
The Bitwarden browser extension is repeatedly prompting me for my master password whenever I open a new session of Firefox. My preference is for the extension or addon to not ask for the password for at least a week.

This is the addon(extension) popup in my browser.

I assumed you were working in the Web Vault, because you tagged your post app:web-default, and your response above shows a screen shot from the Web Vault app, not the Firefox browser extension.

The browser extension and the Web Vault app are two distinct client apps, both of which interact with the same cloud-hosted vault data. Timeout settings configured in one client app (e.g., the Web Vault) do not affect the time-out behavior of any other app (e.g., the browser extension).

In the browser extension, have you tried Settings > Unlock with PIN, and disabling (unchecking) the option Lock with master password on browser restart?