Unable to add UnionPay debit card

Hello community.

My current credit card has stopped working. I have tried to attach 3 different UnionPay cards with no luck.
Does any body know if UnionPay card work or not?

Thank you!

If you don’t get a better answer then I would raise a support ticket for a payment issue, this forum is just a community forum.

I notice Russia on your screenshot and you will be aware of sanctions due to the invasion.
Is your account connected with Russia in anyway?

I have raised a ticket already. I would put the answer here so any other person can find it by the “union” keyword.

I know about sanctions but I don’t know if bitwarden has joined them. I have never received any notification about it. This is why my VISA card has stopped working outside of the country. This is a reason why I have issued a unionpay card which should be working for bitwarden based on the badge.

I think yes, my account should be connected to Russia. At least because it preselects the country on the payment page. But I can’t confirm it 100% because I can’t find the place where it shows it clearly

Results as I promised.

Short one: UnionPay cards from Russian (maybe not only) banks not under the sanctions don’t work.
Long one:
Finally I have received the direct stripe payment URL for the subscription.
The card type was recognized correctly but then it was declined with some generic error.

Error explanation gives no details about the reason. Same card was successfully used for payment online (last time it was supersports.co.th and klook.com couple of days before the BW).

BW support really tried to help but with no luck.
Stripe support wants merchant to contact them, not the payer.