Unable to add 2FA Yubikey to my BW community forums account

Hey, I’m not able to add 2FA Yubikey to my BW community forums account. After I click “Register”, the browser ask me to touch my hardware key, but the popup disappear after I do that and nothing happens (back to the “Register” pop up).

2FA with Yubikey works fine anywhere else in the browser or BW desktop app.

Windows 10, Firefox Beta 89.0b12 and Edge 90.0.818.62 (didn’t test other browsers).

This may not be the issue, but something to try. Temporarily disable your antivirus and then try Yubi again.

I had a completely unrelated login issue with Mailstore and Gmail API and it turned out to be my Kaspersky AV scanning the encrypted connections that kept stopping the process.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I’m also using Kaspersky (Internet Security in my case), although https scanning is turned off. I’ve disabled AV and adblock, but the outcome is still the same unfortunately.

Really strange, webauthn works fine anywhere else on my system.

same issue with Kensington verimark and that works fine elsewhere

I may have something similar.

I got my first FIDO2 key this morning. I can access this forum with my (FIDO) Yubikey 4 keys. However, I cannot access it with my new Hypersecu Titan Pro key. This is set-up with a PIN for the key but when I try and login the site asserts that the PIN is wrong. Given that there are only a limited number of retries with the PIN I’m reluctant to try and fix this myself by trial and error.

It also doesn’t allow me to access my vault, something which works fine with Yubikeys. Update, I plucked up my courage and managed to login to my vault with the new key. This forum, however, still defeats me for the moment.

The same key works fine on Twitter and Google, I put it in and type the PIN when asked, then I get into Twitter. I have only had the key for a few hours and am only playing with it at the moment.

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