Ubuntu 22.04 LTS - Bitwarden CLI Can't Decrypt Notes

Using Bitwarden CLI v 1.22.0, Ubuntu Server LTS 22.04

While testing the new LTS release of Ubuntu for my company, I stumbled upon what looks to be an incompatibility with the CLI. I confirmed this is happening across the snap install, npm install, and local executable.

When trying to get the notes field of a secure note, an error “cannot decrypt” is returned.

bw get notes 123-123-123-123-123
? Master password: [hidden]
[error: cannot decrypt]

I tested the same thing in a fresh install of Ubuntu Server 21.10 in a virtual box, and got the proper response. That is what led me to believe it was an incompatibility with 22.04.

I did a quick sweep of the source code of both Bitwarden Server and the CLI and didn’t find that message anywhere. I suspect it’s coming from a 3rd party they are using.

If anyone has any suggestions, they would be greatly appriciated!

Also posted as an issue in the github repo.

I’m not sure if this is connected (or what BW CLI / NodeJS uses for crypto), but I found similar problems with other software on Ubuntu Server LTS 22.04. They moved to OpenSSL 3 which disables a few legacy ciphers by default.

The upgrade broke NFS, MQTT and Nextcloud on my home server, so I went back to 20.04 for now. I never had that many problems upgrading Ubuntu LTS before.